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About the watch

Q:Is it a flawless Replica?

A:Replica is still replica, even the best replica with high price, still replica. Price will always tell you something to make sense. Do not expect $500 piece will be the same perfection with $5,000 or $50,000 genuine pieces. There must be some flaws even those are very small minor flaws.

Q:What is the Best Replica Models?

A:We can’t say what is the best replica model we have in our website. Every brands and models have their own flagship replica which consider as the best build. As we mention on above point, every factory has its own speciality to make good replication on some particular brands and models.

Q:Is all watch Water Resistance?

A:Almost all of our watches are water proofed, but the water resistance level varies from models to models. We will advise you that our replica are safe for: Daily Use or Swimming. There are some people try to wear some models for deep diving below 20m, but we will not recommend this to do at all.

Q:What is the Watch Grade?

A:We only sell THE HIGHEST GRADE replicas in this industry, people usually call it as Swiss Clone, Super Clone 1:1, Clone replica, Swiss ETA copy. Whatever the name is, these watches are factory made, not handmade or custom build replica, and we are not selling low grades replicas.

Q:Why Movement Noise?

A:The character of replica movement creates more noise compare to genuine movement by default. This fact is very normal when we try our logical sense to compare the price between replica and genuine. Especially on complex features of watches, the sound will be slightly more noise compare to simple analog watches. It is also depending on how good the factory making the replication.

Q: How long for QC?

A: Normally 3-7 days.Some models will be a little delay.I will let you know when you order

Q : Can I deny your pictures if there is something that I don’t want to accept?

A : Please contact for further information if you have any questions about the QC pictures and videos. We will be glad to help you solve the problems.

Q: Does watch come with Box and papers ?
A: Usually only watch will be shipped, the box needs extra fee. For safety we will split the package for easy custom clearance.

Q : I received my watch and the movement is not working. Why?

A : Check your video that we sent while Quality Control process. We never deliver dead watches, you can notice from the serial number on some models as well the pictures or videos from QC will be the exactly same as what you get. There are some possibilities:

You need to do big shake on your watch and do manual winding to fill the power in. Or

Since we both agree to declare small value to avoid customs issue and fees, there will not be treated as high value packages sometimes. So, it possibly caused by bounces or shakes while shipping process.

Q : So what is the solution for dead watch on arrival?

A : We will give you 2 options as part of our warranty coverage :

1.Go to local repair (because it is usually minor issue caused by shakes and some small screw are loose). Find out the price and we will cover the cost if it’s reasonable. This option is usually for someone who doesn’t want to wait any longer to send back, repair, and re-deliver.

2.Return the watch to us, and we will repair it. Please note that it will take time. Just be patient to wait until all solved and we can deliver it back. Return shipping cost will be on your side. There are some requirements on shipping matters:

Use EMS, or regular postal office (registered mail) of your area. DO NOT use some major logistics companies like Fedex or DHL.UPS

Declare as: broken watch (timer) to repair less than $10 value

We will give you return address if you want to choose this option

Q:I am not satisfied with the watch when I receive it , could I change it ?

A:Yes ,don’t tear apart the protected plastic, you can ship it back with normal shipping (EMS, or regular postal office),I will change other model once I receive it. You need to pay both shipping fee (back and ship again)

It’s better that we can solve the problem when you receive the QC pic and video.It’s not convenient to change the watch

About the shipping

Q : Could I change other shipping method?Not only FedEx?

A : Yes, you can tell me what method you want.But not too much shipping company support replica.At present FedEx of my shipping agent is safety and they are experienced deal with the reps

Q: How long for delivery?

A: For most countries, it’s around 7-15 days with FedEx.

Q : I tracked my order and it seems there is no movement / strange status / clearance event etc. What should I do?

A : DO NOT CALL DHL, EMS or any logistic company related to your shipment for any reasons. Contact us, communicate and just relax. Keep in mind, sometimes we use regular postal office to make it safe, and mostly they are very slow. Do not panic, just relax, and contact us for any matters.

About the custom

Q : What will you declare the package ?

A : We always declare as “bracelet” or “timer” or “gift”, we can’t mislead the declaration or else you won’t get anything. If you want us to declare any value (usually for experienced customers) just let us know. But if you don’t have experience, let us decide based on our experiences, usually we declare the value between $15 – $50.

Q: What if watch gets lost of seized at custom?

A: Once we make sure with shipping company .We will resend a new one to you.

Q : Is there any possibility that custom will open or check my package ?

A : That is their job to check, but again they will only do general random check from million or billion packages they received every day. Most of the time we have no problems, just don’t act to raised their suspicion. Contact us for any assistance.

Q : My package has arrives in my country, but they want me to prove the price, what should I do ? (It only happens in some countries)

A : Simply contact us for this matter, usually they need a price and payment proofs. We will provide invoice of your package with any particular match amount with your package declaration. Just be calm and do not panic.

About the payment

Q:Do you accept credit card?

A:We don’t support credit card now , if you have to pay in credit card , you can pay via wise with credit card.

Q:Will you give the payment service fee?

A:You need to pay the fee of your side .If you need to refund, we don’t reture the fee

Q:What payment you support?

A:Now we support PayPal (only friends and family accept , no goods and service ,.no credit card . If your account doesn’t support friends and family ,please select other payment method )

Wise (it’s good for us ,low fees and easy to use )

Crypto (BTC , ETH ,USDT)

Bank Transfer

Western Union